Refrigerator Organization Techniques to Try in Your Montgomery County Kitchen

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Refrigerator Organization Techniques

What’s lurking in the back of your refrigerator? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t even want to know what might be hidden in the depths of the fridge. Old, long-forgotten food products tend to haunt refrigerators mainly because of a lack of organization. The good news is that most homeowners end up with messy refrigerators anyway – refrigerator organization is tough and few keep at it regularly! Primarily, this is due to a lack of knowledge of effective refrigerator organization techniques that you can stick with week to week. Consider this your opportunity to get your fridge in order! Here are our favorite organization techniques for refrigerators.

Start with Cleaning

An organized fridge starts with a clean fridge. Take out everything that can reasonably sit out at room temperature for a bit, push everything else into a corner of the interior, and wipe down the inside using an all-purpose cleaner. Wash the bins in the sink to get the most out of your cleaning time. While it’s useful to clean your refrigerator like this twice a year, this plan isn’t feasible for most busy families, so make your cleaning time count!

Throw Out Old Food

It’s a sad reality, but decluttering your refrigerator will involve throwing out old food or items that you just don’t use in your daily cooking life. If you have a plan for some of these items in the near future, it should be fine to keep, but take stock of the produce and items you use on a regular basis and make a note of it before running out to buy more.

Categorize Shelf Space

One of the best organization techniques we’ve seen, categorizing your shelf space makes kitchen life a lot easier as you’ll always know where to find items you need! Luckily, refrigerator design can do some of this work for us – think crisper drawers for your vegetables or the bottom shelf for your meat products. Consider which items might be better stored in your freezer space as well.

Containers, Storage Bags, and Labels

Storing food in containers and bags not only helps keep your refrigerator organized, it keeps your food fresher for longer too! Use sturdy, reusable bags for produce, herbs, and vegetables to help them keep for a few days longer. Glass containers with snap lids are perfect for leftovers. And you can use blue painter’s tape to create easy labels for your containers that can be removed before putting them in the dishwasher and using again later!


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