Save Time on Laundry Day at Your Mechanicsville Home with These Washing Machine Features

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Saving Time on Laundry Day in Mechanicsville

Laundry day can turn into quite a chore for many homeowners. Even for those with smaller households, laundry can eat away at time that could be spent doing other chores or more enjoyable activities. This commonly leads to a situation we’ve all been in – the pile of dirty clothes gets bigger and bigger before we ever do anything about it! However, new washing machines can come outfitted with features designed to lessen the burden that laundry day can pose on you, making it quick and easy to get your clothes clean and freeing up your day to tackle other challenges or relax on a beautiful weekend afternoon. Here are some of the features you should look out for as you shop for a new washing machine.

High Capacity

This one is a no-brainer – a higher capacity means fewer loads of laundry to do, which in turn leads to more free time! Larger capacity models can hold upwards of 20 pounds or more of laundry. This is very convenient especially for larger families. Higher capacities are more attainable with front-load washer units, so you’ll want to check these out if this is a high priority.

Quick Wash

We’ve all been in this situation – we want to wear our favorite outfit for an important occasion, or we need a clean uniform before heading out to work or school, but it’s already in the dirty clothes pile and there’s no time to get it clean before it’s time to head out. Washing machines with quick wash cycles remedy this situation and can help get you out of a potential jam!

Noise Reduction

Washing machines can be quite noisy and can limit potential times for doing laundry. With a quiet model, you can run the machine any time that’s convenient for you. You can even have a load running overnight and transfer the clothing to the dryer in the morning!

Smart Home Technology

Wireless internet has great quality of life improvements when paired with appliances that can take advantage of it. Apps available from manufacturers can change cycles on the fly and can even send out a notification once your load is finished and ready for the dryer.


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