Space and Storage Design for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Mechanicsville

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Staying Cool in the Kitchen During the Summer

During the spring and summer, the outdoor kitchen becomes an extension of your usable living space at home. Whether you’re hosting your friends and family or simply enjoying the fresh outdoor air on your own, your outdoor kitchen could end up becoming the most important “room” of the house for half of the year. With all that said, as you plan out and design an outdoor kitchen, special consideration should be given to space and storage design aspects. In kitchen design, space is a premium commodity, and it is no different regardless of whether the kitchen is inside or outside. Here are 4 tips to help you get the most space and storage from your outdoor kitchen.

Protection from the Elements

The most unique design problem facing an outdoor kitchen designer is how to keep all of the components protected from the elements. As we know, April and May showers are almost constant in Maryland, and storms can brew without warning during the hotter summer months. Dry storage solutions for your utensils, serving items, and others are critical. In addition, all appliance installations should be situated within a covered space. This maximizes their lifespans and helps protect the appliances from potential rust damage.

Keep Cooking Utensils Close By

It can be a pain when you’re in the middle of cooking and can’t seem to find a pair of tongs or a spatula or any other cooking utensil you might need! The easiest way to avoid this problem is to ensure that there are storage areas for your most commonly used cooking utensils located within easy reach of your grill.

Plan for an Outdoor Refrigerator

Cold storage outdoors is a huge quality of life design element that will allow you to spend more time outside and less time running back and forth between your indoor and outdoor kitchen. The focus for your outdoor refrigerator should be on convenience, not necessarily on tech (although tech is always nice!). The two most common design choices either place undercounter refrigerators at the main base of the masonry or have a full-size refrigerator located outside to create a pseudo work triangle.

Have Enough Prep Space

Planning out food prep zones in an outdoor kitchen is yet another way to spend less time in your indoor kitchen and more time out socializing with your friends and family. Keep in mind that the surface material you choose for your outdoor countertops should be weatherproof, easy to clean, and resistant to heat.


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