Steam Ovens and Their Versatility

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Steam Ovens Versatility

Steam ovens can be one of the most versatile kitchen appliances in your cooking arsenal!

Appliances, especially those in our kitchens, are meant to serve some purpose in our home lives. We use some of them primarily because they are essential to modern living – refrigerators store food and keep it preserved over time. Others, such as dishwashers, are valued for their utility and ability to make our lives easier. However, the best appliances combine these two qualities and add to the sort of things you can do in your kitchen. An oven, on its own merit, is essential and has utility. But a steam oven, in particular, can add so much more to your kitchen and home life because it is more versatile than a traditional convection oven. Let’s take a closer look at steam ovens.

Benefits of Steam Ovens

A traditional convection oven uses heated air to cook or bake food. It has been a standard component of homes for quite some time, though every cook knows that there are some drawbacks. Food can dry out quite easily unless you add more oils or baste it throughout the cooking process. Steam ovens, on the other hand, uses steam to cook food, allowing it to retain as much as 25% more vitamin content and making it one of the healthiest ways to make a meal. They are also much easier to keep clean than a traditional convection oven – if the steam oven doesn’t feature a self-cleaning mode, a simple wipe-down of the interior is all that is needed to clean it, no need to scrape off baked-on stains! Steam ovens are also very energy efficient and will help your home’s overall efficiency rating.


If you haven’t used a steam oven before, you might think that they’re only good for cooking fish and vegetables – after all, you are technically steaming whatever is in the oven. However, you would be surprised at just how versatile a steam oven can be. They can be used to cook every type of food – bread, fish, meat, cakes, veggies – and they can also defrost and reheat quite easily as well. Plus, you could opt for a specially designed combination oven which uses both convection and steam techniques for a superior cooking experience. Many top restaurants use combination ovens to roast their meats as they produce a crisp skin on the outside and a juicy, tender inside. And a combination oven such as the Wolf model pictured above also has the ability to cook a 20-pound turkey in an hour and a half – perfect for making your Thanksgiving cooking a little less hectic!

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