Tasty Ideas for a Palm Sunday Brunch

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Palm Sunday

In this blog we will explore some tasty ideas for Palm Sunday brunch.

Palm Sunday is observed the Sunday before Easter Sunday. While Easter Sunday is more famous for having elaborate meals, Palm Sunday has its own array of tasty meal ideas too. In this blog we will explore some tasty ideas for Palm Sunday brunch. We will also outline some traditional meals around the world for Palm Sunday.


What to Eat on Palm Sunday

Appetizers: Breads can be offered as quick and easy appetizers. Consider serving bagels, muffins, danishes, toast, croissants, English muffins, and so on. These choices along with fruit can be set out for your guests by the time they arrive. Once they have arrived and have made it to the table, you can bring out the food options that could have been already prepared.

Already Prepared: Food options that can be prepared shortly before your guests arrive include choices like bacon, sausages, pancakes, French toast, and various quiches. Once prepared, you can keep these optional dishes warm until your guests are in your kitchen.

Cooked to Order: Other food options you can consider are those that your guests can order after they have been seated. These are dishes best served hot and fresh, such as omelets and scrambled eggs.

Considered Traditional: Traditional meals for Palm Sunday include hearts of palm salads, fish (salt cod) in Greece, homemade fettuccine in Italy, and fig pudding and split pea soup in Britain.

What to Drink on Palm Sunday

Cold Drinks: Orange juice and other juices, freshly squeezed, are a delicious and healthy alternative to soda. Pitchers can make serving so much easier. Also consider serving hot drinks, too.

Hot Drinks: Hot drinks include coffee and tea. For coffee, be sure to include cream and sugar, and for the tea, make sure to have hot water easily accessible.

Sparkling Drinks: Champagne is a fine choice for the adults in your party, while younger guests can have sparkling cider or other fizzy, sparkling non-alcoholic drinks.


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