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The  following  are  ADU’s  testimonials:

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January  2013

Salesperson:  Nicole Limerez

Store location: Takoma Park

Dear Chris:

Before Nicole Limerez left for vacation, I asked her to give me her supervisor’s email address because I very much wanted to let you know how incredibly helpful she has been to me as I’ve worked to identify and purchase the right appliances for a 5 unit building I’m renovating in Washington, DC.  Nicole has advised me through months of changed specifications due to construction changes as well as numerous changes of direction on my part.  And through it all, she maintained incredible patience, a great sense of humor, and nothing but the highest level of professionalism.

I’ve appreciated Nicole’s knowledge and advice at every step.  As I move on to other projects after this one, Nicole will be my “go to” person for all my appliances.  I did quite a bit of shopping around before I started working with Nicole,  and in my opinion she is the most helpful, honest, good natured, and knowledgable of all the people I encountered.  I look forward to working with Nicole and ADU again and again and recommending her to others.


Jeff Wise

November, 2012

Exceptional Customer Service


I want to take a moment to commend one of your employees.  Tara Andrews, on her exceptional level of customer service and attention to detail.  I am the Principal and Owner of Tydings Design, a full service Interior Design company located in Maryland.  We do business with literally thousands of vendors worldwide and have yet to encounter someone that responded so quickly and efficiently to our needs when we had a problem.

Briefly, we placed an order for multiple Kitchen appliances and the refrigerator was not the appropriate dimension for the opening.  As all of the food had been removed from the existing one and the new one could not be installed, we were at a complete standstill.  The delivery men had left and returned to ADU’s warehouse.  A call to one of the salesmen (Drew was on vacation) was not productive at all with a constant response of, “There is nothing I can do to help you.”  I requested and was given Tara’s direct dial and within a matter of 15 minutes, the men were on their way back to retrieve the refirgerator.

A subsequent call to order the correct refirgerator, put us in touch with Chris who also was wonderful in expediting our new order.

Please join me in congratulating both Tara and Chris.  As the owner of a customer service oriented business, we appreciate wonderful service and skills.

Best to all,


Dana E. Tydings
Tydings Design Inc.

October, 2012

ADU Installer:  Rob Brinker

Store: Corporate

Re:  Rob Brinker

Thank you, — I was very pleased with how professional Robert and his assistant has worked on this install.  I have been in the remodeling business for many years and it is rare to see service men working so professionally.  I will definitely use your service again.  Please pass on to management my comments they deserve to be recognized for their efforts.  —– I was wondering if you have an estimated date for the louver that is on back order.

Thank you,
Steve Johnson
S & C Contractors

Salesperson: Chris Kozimor

Store:  Takoma Park Store

Re: Mr. Christopher Kozimor

We’ve been working with Mr. Christopher Kozimor for over a year.  We’ve been in the process of building a custom home in Clarksville, MD for over the last 18 months, and the quality of vendors we’ve worked with runs the spectrum.  The guidance and customer service Chris has provided was second to none!  This sale was not an easy task with numerous builder delays, but the patience and perseverance on Chris’s part was unbelievable.

I would recommend Chris and ADU to anyone!

The customer service was excellent and the prices marlet competitive (including the internet).


Dr. Manish Oza

Salesperson: Krystal George

Store: Baltimore Store

Date: May, 2012

Krystal, thanx for your help.

This past Saturday, my wife and I were in to choose appliances for our new kitchen.  We worked with Krystal George.  She was delightful.  She was efficient, knowledgeable, kind and sweet.  It made for an anxiety-free experience. 

She reflects very highly on your organization.


Howard Berg, DDS

Salesperson:  Vicki Hamrick

Store:  Baltimore Location

Date:  December,  2011


Thanks for the excellent service, it was a joy to work with you.

It is becoming the new standard to be underwhelmed with the knowledge that most people have for the services or products they provide.

You are someone who provides exactly the right amount and quality of information, we were impressed.  How could we not buy from you?


Gary & Rebecca

Salesperson: Nerissa

Store:  Takoma Park

Date:  August 30, 2011

Dear Nerissa and ADU:

Thank you very much for my VR check.

As always, it is a pleasure working with you and the staff.  Thanks for all of the support and knowledge.

Hopefully business will continue to flow and I will send more your way.


Salesperson: Tim

Store: Baltimore Store

Date: April, 2011

Hi Tim:

Thanks for sending Stellar Installation to install our appliances.  They were just that — stellar!  The entire crew was friendly, respectful of our property, and hardworking.  They finished the job in one day (instead of the projected 2!) and cleaned up after themselves beautifully.  I would recommend them to anyone.

One last question for you…when we talked to you in the showroom you told me about cleaning the stainless steel.  I remember you telling me to wipe with the grain but don’t remember what product(s) you mentioned as best/worst to use.

It was a pleasure working with you as well.  You got all of our appliances in and installed in the promised time frame with no muss and fuss.  As with Stellar I would highly recommend you and ADU to anyone looking for appliances!

Kim Madeja

Salesperson: Chris

Store: Takoma Park Store

Date: April, 2011

Mr. Landow,

Happy Friday!  First, thank you for referring me to work with Chris at ADU.  I cannot begin to tell you how great of an experience it was working with him.  Chris was not only very patient with me but he was also very heplful and responsive.  He has a wealth of knowledge that enabled me to make various decisions and I was extremely grateful for his expertise/opinions/suggestions.  It was a pleasure working with Chris and I most certainly would refer him to anyone.

I placed my appliances order today — yay!  I can’t wait until everything starts coming together!

Again, thank you very much for the referral.  I was beyond pleased with Chris and can see why you have had such a positive experience working with ADU.

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

Salesperson:  Karen

Store: Baltimore Store

Date:  March  2011

Hey Karen,

Thank you so much for checking into this.  I just came up with a solution that will work.  I have to say what a pleasure it always is working with you.  You have a different mindset than most and it is so refreshing!  Don’t ever change how you do business.

Pam Wright
Project Coordinator
Reico Kitchen & Bath

Salesperson: Mark

Store: York Showroom

Date: January, 2011

Hi Mark,

Thanks for all your help with our cooktop.  Dave installed it yesterday and we love it.  I couldn’t tell from the picture you sent to me if the top plate was shinny material or not which is what we wanted.  It is shinny and works great!

Thanks again and have a good weekend!


Salesperson: Nerissa

Store: Takoma Park Showroom

Date: January, 2011

Our appliances have been in place now for the better part of a month and we are very happy with their overall performance.  We wish to thank Nerissa for her professional handling of all aspects of this sale including the follow-up to make sure that all went well.  Nerissa has been polite, efficient and courteous throughout the process from the initial request for a quote, the actual delivery, installation and post installation.  It has been a real pleasure to have Nerissa for our sales person.

We must also mention the fact that your installer, Gary Timson of Smart Kitchen, has done excellent work of installing all of the appliances and making sure that we understood how to use each one of them.

In conclusion it has been a real pleasure working with your company and staff.  I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends as they contemplate upgrades to their kitchens.


Giora ( George) A Bendor

Salesperson: Nerissa

Store:  Takoma Park Store

Date: January, 2011

Well, after only six months, our kitchen is finally finished.

Melissa and i want you and everyone else at ADU to know how much we appreciated working with you.  You and your colleagues were not only helpful, but patient and very, very professional.  Your help in selecting the appliances (we do like the Bosch ovens, cooktop and microwave), was excellent.  The patience displayed by Tara, your warehouse and scheduling guru – I lost count at how many times we had to reschedule delivery – was outstanding.  When we had the problem with the smaller oven, you and ADU took care of it, for which we are most grateful.  We will make certain that everyone who sees the kitchen will know about ADU and whenever possible, we will refer them to you.  Our contractors were most impressed by the quality of your customer service, something in very short supply in this day and age.

Again, Thank you for all the help you and ADU gave us.  If ever we need another appliance, ADU will be our first and only stop.

and Melissa Lipshultz

Salesperson:  Charlotte Gordon

Store: Takoma Park Store

Date: December, 2010

Good afternoon Mr. Kozimor,

I’m writing this email to bring to your attention the amazing experience I’ve had working with your staff over the past couple of weeks, Charlotte Gordon and Gary Timson.

On a daily basis, I work with numerous vendors and rarely do I find companies that do what they say they are going to do.  It’s a very simple concept, do what you say you are going to do, but it lacks in many business transactions today.  I spoke to Charlotte on the 7th of December, inquiring about a dishwasher and after a brief phone call she said I should expect a quote before the close of business that day.  She kept her promise and the quote was there before 5 pm that day!  She generated multiple invoices for our company, which has many procedures it must follow and she worked with us in following them and even assured me that we would be taken care of by leaving her cell phone number if we needed her.  I’m beyond impressed with Charlotte and would absolutely recommend her and your Company to anyone of my clients.

Also, Gary made a site visit to inspect the current area for the new dishwasher and after a few moments speaking to him, it was obvoius that he is an expert of his craft.  He wrote out a very descriptive outline of the area of inspection, even including accurate numbers of the new dishwasher to compare to our slot, which assured us that it would fit.  We scheduled the installation for today which to no surprise, Gary was on time and called as soon as he got here as instructed.  Needless to say, it was the smoothest and most timely installation I’ve seen in quite some time.   Gary was in and out in less than an hour with no mess, no damage, and left the site clean as it was when he arrived.

I must say, I do not write emails of this sort very often, but I do enjoy to do so when the opportunity does arise.

We extend a very big Thank You to Charlottte and Gary for making this so easy for us from beginning to end.

We wish all of you a safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Steve White
Client Account Director
Carr Workplaces
Washington, DC

Salesperson: Krew Hammond

Store: Takoma Park Store

Date:  November, 2010

Dear Krew:

I really enjoyed working with you and your company.  I think you bring what we all hope for when we do business — a sense of ethics, of  commitment to the client, and a keen interest in the person, not just in the sale.  You are terrific!  THANK YOU FOR THAT!  Yours is a model to follow.  How much better would be our world if everyone did!

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I can now attest to the fact that Icelandic turkeys are delicious…..

Best wishes to you and your family,
Vera and Franek and Dragan and mom!

Salesperson: Nerissa Powell

Store location: Takoma Park Store

Date: November, 2010

Good morning.  I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to let you know that I was talking with Dan Sweeney yesterday & he was singing your praise!  He stated that you helped him get a part that he needed ASAP to get ready for a settlement.  He said you are so efficient & he can always count on you & that you always get back to him right away.  Just as you always do with our requests too!  Just wanted to pass it along & say “thanks” for the great service.  I am sure you don’t hear that as often as you should!

Have a nice day!

Chat Leitner

Administrative Assistant

Main Street Homes  LLC

Corporate Warehouse Workers

Baltimore Corporate Warehouse

Date:  October,  2010

Everything was great.  Warehouse guys were really helpful — loading onto the flat bed trailer I had.  Sending in serial numbers for rebate today.  Thanks for everything.

Jim Gonsman
Client Manager, Vice President
Bank of America

Salesperson: Krew Hammond

Store Location: Takoma Park Showroom

Date: October, 2010

Robin and Raymond Hamilton visited the showroom this afternoon.  They are building a new larger home in an upscale area of Silver Spring area.  They only because to ADU because they saw our commercial while watching HGTV.  They had not heard of ADU before.  They had visited The Great Indoors and Bray & Scarff for appliance selection but had not found any major assistance from the sale personnel at those locations.  I will be doing an entire GE Monogram quote with Whirlpool Laundry.

Salesperson:  Heather Logan

Store Location:  Takoma Park Showroom

Date:  September,  2010


Thanks so much for all of your help and hard work on our new kitchen.  I know we have had a million questions and you have always been beyond gracious.  You are the Best! 

Julie & Roger

Note: The client sent Heather a dozen red roses!

Salesperson:  Chris Kozimor

Store Location:  Takoma Park Showroom

Date:  August  10,  2010


All delivered yesterday and I trust you received the final payment.  Mr. Flores of the delivery company arrived in the window stated, was very efficient and showed consideration for our appliances and home.

You made the selection process much easier for us.  We will be delighted to refer anyone who asks to you  in the future.

Many thanks,  J

Salesperson:  Nerissa  Powell

Store:  Takoma  Park  Location

Month  &  Year:  July,  2010

We’re back from Tennessee and we had an awesome 2.5 hr meeting with Nerissa at ADU this AM.  We just received the quote for all the appliances so I think we’re well on our way to making some final selections there.
Andre’a, thanks so much for recommending we wait until Nerissa was  available.  It was definitely worth it.  She is fantastic!  She knows her stuff so well.  John and I were both very impressed and felt we were in excellent hands!

Salesperson:  Ed  Janeski

Store:  Baltimore  Location

Month  &  Year:  July,  2010

Outstanding service, fast shipping and great price!!!!!!  A+  GE  Water  Heater,  GeoSpring Hybird.
Dario  Ibanez

Salesperson:  Ed  Janeski

Store:  Baltimore  Location

Month  &  Year:  July,  2010

Great product would buy again…..!!!!  Jenn-Air 48″ Pro-Style Convection Gas Range Stainless.
Hazy  Merritt

Salesperson:  Karen  Ray

Store:  Baltimore  Location

Month  &  Year:  July,  2010

The Monogram refrigerator looks great and the installation crew was wonderful!  Many thanks for  your assistance in helping us find a refrigerator  that  works for us in our home and  many thanks to the installation team for a fantastic job installing our new  refrigerator.  You have a very satisfied customer.



Salesperson:  Chris  Kozimor

Store:  Takoma  Park  Location

Month  &  Year:  July,  2010

Hey  Chris, just wanted to  relay to you how nice it is to have such great support after the sales.  Peggy and I were talking about how you are always available and always helpful.  I’m glad she chose ADU and you.  I’ll do my best to let folks know where to go buy.
Thanks again. Greg