The Benefits of Owning Your Own Wine Fridge

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wine fridge

A wine fridge adds class and utility to any wine owner’s home.

Summer is here, and what better way to cool down on those scorching hot days than with a glass of wine? If your wine bottles are sitting next to the whiskey on your bar cart or scattered across hidden cupboards, it may be time to get organized with your very own wine fridge.

Do I Need a Wine Fridge?

A wine fridge looks sophisticated and cool in anyone’s home, but do you really need one if you’re storing just a handful of bottles? Depending on where you live you may have a stable area already available for storing wine. However, if you live in an overheated New York City apartment or are storing more than 20 to 30 bottles then it is definitely time to start exploring your wine fridge options.

Remember, ensuring a stable storage temperature for your wine is incredibly important. Invest in a wine fridge if it is very hot or you experience drastic temperature changes. Improper storage conditions will have a negative effect on your wine

Wine Fridges Offer Stability

Wine is fragile and sensitive to light, temperature and humidity. Heat is wine’s number one enemy. Wine stored in an overheated apartment risks drying out and losing much of its flavor. You wouldn’t want to serve up bad wine at your next cocktail party. A wine fridge will help you keep your wine at a consistent temperature with ideal storage conditions.

Household Refrigerators Won’t Cut It

A household refrigerator might be fine for storing wine in the short term, but it’s not a good long term solution. Typical household fridges fall well below 45°F which is colder than what is ideal for wine. The lack of moisture in household refrigerators may also dry out your corks, allowing air into your bottles that will damage your wine.

What Should I Look for in a Wine Fridge?

Size and space – think about the space requirements you may need in the future, not just the size of your current wine collection. Do you have a good space for putting a wine fridge?

Noise – Consider where you’ll be keeping your wine fridge and whether you’d benefit from a compact, low noise option. You’d be surprised to find how loud a wine fridge can get

Door – Is it important for you to see your wine bottles or protect them from light? Some doors are tinted and offer better UV light resistance.

Temperature Zones – Some wine fridges offer dual temperature zones which can be useful for storing whites at a cooler temperature than your reds. However, dual temperature fridges are often more prone to failure.

Humidity – Keeping humidity levels fixed between 50 and 70 percent is essential for ensuring the longevity of your wine.

Aesthetics – Some wine fridges have wooden racks and others steel racks. This mostly comes down to which will look better in your home.

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