The Best Foods to Cook in a Brand New Steam Oven for Your Takoma Park Home

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When considering new appliances for your kitchen, one thing you should ask yourself is how the appliance in question could enhance your life at home – either as an upgrade/replacement to an existing unit or as a brand new addition. Not many people have steam ovens in their homes, but having one opens up many cooking avenues that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. This is because of the unique method that it uses to cook food – it heats a water source stored within the oven. While virtually anything can be cooked in a steam oven, some foods are better suited to take advantage of this cooking method than others. So which foods are the best to cook in your brand new steam oven?


When baked in a regular oven or fried in a pan, vegetables tend to lose many nutritious vitamins. Steaming veggies tends to be the best way to retain all of those vitamins outside of simply eating them raw. With a steam oven, steaming vegetables becomes a lot easier to manage – no need to pull out your colander and pot of water and create more dirty dishes!

Fish and Meat

Fish and meat are also perfect candidates for cooking in a steam oven because the cooking method allows for food to retain more moisture than it would in a traditional oven. Steak and chicken come out juicy and you can cook an entire turkey in just 90 minutes. Your fish dishes will also retain many of the nutrients that make fish worth eating in the first place!


Love hard-boiled eggs? A steam oven will become your favorite kitchen appliance very quickly! Simply place a batch of eggs in a pan, stick into your steam oven, and set it to the proper setting. Before you know it, you’ll have a fresh batch of hard-boiled eggs.


Reheating leftovers is one of the most common household conundrums, but the steam oven is perfectly suited to this task because it doesn’t contribute additional dryness to the food, which may already be dried out from its initial cooking and storage.


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