The Best Kitchen Appliances to Support Healthy Cooking

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If you’re a homeowner dedicated to healthy cooking and eating, you know just how difficult it can be sometimes to keep at it. The pressures of modern living come quickly and sometimes, before we know it, we’re at the drive-thru window yet again in-between dropping the kids off at soccer practice and running to an appointment! Whencommitting seriously to healthy cooking, however, you’ll need a kitchen outfitted with appliances and accessories to make this job faster and easier. And having easy-to-use kitchen supplies will help you establish good habits that will be hard to break! Here are some of the best kitchen appliances and accessories that will support your commitment to healthy cooking.

The Blender/Juicer

One of the key components of any healthy lifestyle is taking in enough fruits and veggies. And a blender or juicer is a great tool to help you do just that! There are many options out there on the market from single-serve to family-size capacities. If you’re a fan of smoothies, you can find a unit that caters specifically to mixing smoothies. For those that love fresh fruit juice, a dedicated juicer might be a better option.

Steam Ovens

The oven does more than its fair share of cooking in a typical American household, but there are some drawbacks. Food can dry out unless you continuously baste it or add oils, which can be unhealthy. One alternative to this is purchasing a steam oven, which uses steam to help food retain its moisture while cooking. This allows the food to retain more vitamin content than it would cooking in a traditional oven, supporting your healthy cooking efforts! Steam ovens also have a lot more flexibility in what you can cook with them, giving you more variety in trying new healthy recipes!

Cook Sous Vide

French for “under vacuum”, sous vide cooking involves placing food in a vacuum sealed bag and cooking it in a hot water bath for hours. This unique method of cooking helps food retain juices, flavors, minerals, and vitamins. And since the food is cooked over a much longer period of time, you can set up your sous vide device in the morning before work and come home to delicious, healthily cooked food in the evening!

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