The Best Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Implement in Chantilly Homes

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends Chantilly VA

While tastes and trends in kitchen design and remodeling can evolve over time, there’s no doubt that homeowners are drawn to specific ideas, concepts, and design elements that you should be aware of. Homeowners in Chantilly and throughout Virginia especially are in tune with remodeling trends, so the most successful contractors will be aware of what these homeowners are expecting and design their new spaces accordingly. Here are some of the best kitchen remodeling trends to follow when designing for homeowners in Chantilly.

High-Quality Countertops

Countertops are important pieces of a kitchen design that have practical as well as aesthetic applications. Homeowners and their guests can immediately tell when a countertop is of high-quality, so it’s important to account for this in the design process. Of the various materials out there, two of the most popular are quartz and granite. While granite countertops definitely have merit and should be considered if the design allows it, quartz is more flexible and can be used in a variety of different kitchen aesthetics.

Multi-Functional Kitchen Islands

Homeowners throughout Virginia love getting people together in their kitchens for parties and other social functions. The kitchen island is a prime focal point for these gatherings to be centered and it is also a place where homeowners can get a lot of additional functionality for their kitchens as a whole. It can be designed to provide additional storage space, create work zones for food preparation, house specialized appliances, and much more! By having a conversation with your client, you can ascertain the best ways to design and implement a kitchen island within the context of the rest of the kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Technology

Kitchen appliance technology has come a long way in just a short period of time. With ovens, refrigerators, and more controllable directly from your smartphone, homeowners in Virginia are looking to have this technology available at their fingertips. When designing a kitchen with smart features, be sure to consider how these features interact with and enhance the functionality of other appliances and the kitchen as a whole. By doing so, you’ll be able to provide the best possible user experience for your client!


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