The Fretz Corporation 2010 Consumer Product Demonstration Schedule

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The  Fretz  Coropration      -     2010  Consumer  Product  Demonstration  Schedule

Would  you  like  to  schedule  a  product  demo  on…

                                 Your  dream  kitchen  starts  here…
                                                 Location  -  The  Fretz  Corporation
                                                                      9204  Berger  Road  Suite  H
                                                                      Columbia,  Maryland  21046

                     For  reservations  please  call  Beth  or  Carrie  at  866-987-2123.

                                                    Columbia,  MD  *  6  PM  -  9  PM

                                              January  21st

                                              February  18th

                                               March  25th

                                                April  22nd

                                                 May  20th

                                                June  24th

                                                July  22nd

                                               August  19th

                                             September  23rd

                                                October  21st

                                               November  18th

                                                December  9th

Please  note:  Dates  are  subject  to  change  without  notice…
                     please  call  to  confirm.