The History of Kitchenaid

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Kitchenaid stand mixer

The famous kitchen brand is well-known for their iconic stand mixers. But did you know they make other kitchen appliances as well?

If you are going to a wedding, it’s likely that the bride and groom have a Kitchenaid stand mixer on their wedding registry. The brand is iconic, but did you know that they make more than stand mixers? This popular kitchen brand has a long and fascinating history leading up to its production of various kitchen appliances.

The Beginning

Herbert Johnson was an engineer working for the Hobart Corporation in the early 1900s. After seeing a baker mix dough, he was inspired to create a machine that could do the task more quickly and efficiently. In 1914, the Model H industrial mixer was born. The United States Navy were the first ones to use the Model H mixer. The popularity of the Model H prompted Herbert to develop home stand mixers, which he distributed among his executive’s wives. One of the women exclaimed, “I don’t care what you call it, but I know it’s the best kitchen aid I’ve ever had!” And thus, the Kitchenaid name was born.

New Horizons

By 1949, Kitchenaid had moved from selling mixers door to door to establishing several large factories that always sold out every Christmas. With their booming success, Kitchenaid decided to add a new product to their collection: dishwashers. The dishwasher was similar to the stand mixer in that it saved a lot of arduous manual labor and was in high demand for kitchens across America. In 1985, Kitchenaid bought the Chambers Company, which added a range of cookers to the Kitchenaid brand. Finally, Whirlpool took ownership of Kitchenaid in 1986, which added refrigerators to their product line later that year. In the 1980s, Kitchenaid burst to the forefront of the public eye by procuring endorsements from celebrity chefs and releasing an enviable cobalt blue stand mixer in 1988.

Kitchenaid Today

Today, Kitchenaid is known for being the darling of chefs such as Martha Stewart and Julia Child. Appliances from the famous brand can be found in department stores across the nation, with the Kitchenaid name being preferred on most wedding registries. You can even purchase a pink stand mixer that raises funds for breast cancer research. With such a long and colorful history, it’s no wonder that so many Americans prefer Kitchenaid in their homes!

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