The Home Wet Bar – Taking Your Entertainment to the Next Level!

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If you host and entertain guests in your home often, you know that one of the most popular gathering spots is the kitchen. Guests love gathering around the cooking area and smell the delicious food you’re preparing for them to eat! You might even have a beverage center where you can prepare and serve coffee, tea, or adult beverages. But for those truly serious about their entertainment, a home wet bar (either indoors or outdoors) could be a great investment that can serve as another primary hotspot for your guests to gather in your home. Planning out a wet bar can take some dedication and a knack for design to pull off well, but with these tips, you’ll be ready to go!

Why a Home Wet Bar?

Some homeowners are perfectly content with storing beer and wine in the refrigerator and serving in the kitchen. But a home wet bar can really do a lot for your home in the context of a place for entertainment. It takes all of the pieces of a fully functional beverage center and gives them their own space, which can help free up your kitchen and let your guests socialize freely in more areas of your home. A home wet bar also frees up some space in your refrigerator as a major component of this setup is a miniature fridge to store drinks and other accessories. And an extra sink in your home can be an amazing functional resource for your home when it comes time to clean up after the party.

Planning It Out

You’ll need to choose an area where your wet bar will reside. Some like to make it an integral part of their fully finished basement area. Others with a pool or large outdoor patio will opt for the wet bar setup as opposed to a full outdoor kitchen arrangement. Make sure this space has enough room for the actual bar portion! Also, since a sink is what makes a wet bar (instead of a dry bar), you’ll want to pay close attention to the sinks available as well as the materials that they are made of. What you choose will depend heavily on the aesthetic you’re looking to have in the wet bar area; and this may, in turn, depend on the aesthetic of your home as a whole. The cabinetry, countertops, and bar design will also be affected. Finally, you should choose a beverage center refrigerator that will do best for the types of drinks you want to store. For example, a wine fridge will have enough room to store wine bottles at the optimum temperature. If you’re more into beer, cocktails, or soft drinks, however, a wine fridge might not be the best option for you.

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