The Importance and Benefits of a Range Hood

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Range Hood

The range hood is not the most exciting appliance in your kitchen. It doesn’t cook anything or come with high tech features – in fact, many homeowners rarely interact with their range hoods at all! However, the range hood is a necessary appliance, and the decisions you make around it will influence both the functionality of your kitchen and the quality of life within your entire home. So what exactly is a range hood, and why are they so important?

The Range Hood – Improving the Air Quality of Your Kitchen

The range hood’s main job is to remove bad air from your kitchen and recirculate it elsewhere. We all know the smells that can be produced in the kitchen – the smoke, the grease, it’s a normal part of home cooking. In many homes, the range hood takes that air and sends it outside through a specially dedicated ventilation path. Some models can purify the air and recirculate it back into the room. Range hood design is very flexible and there are different kinds of hoods out there that can fit in with any kitchen design or aesthetic. From wall-mounted to under-cabinet models and ones that mount to your kitchen island, there’s a hood to suit every need.

Ventilation Options

For most homes, standard ventilation installation is going to be the recommended option because it removes low quality air more efficiently than other options. This entails having ductwork installed and running through your home – the most common destinations are the back wall or the attic. In some homes, however, this isn’t feasible, so a convertible or ductless range hood makes the most sense. This type recirculates low quality air back into your kitchen but requires regular maintenance – you’ll have to replace the filter every 90 days or so.

Other Range Hood Benefits

Making the air in your kitchen easier to breathe is a major reason why you should have a range hood, but they also have some other benefits. If you’ve ever had a smoke detector go off inadvertently while cooking dinner, a range hood might be the best investment you ever make for your sanity! In addition, range hoods come with lighting that can help you see the food you’re cooking more clearly. Range hoods also aid in keeping your cooking surface clean, removing airborne grease that can cake your cooktop or rangetop.


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