The Most Essential Kitchen Appliances and Features for Coffee Lovers

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What’s the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning? Besides rubbing your eyes, hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock once or five times, and hopping in the shower, most homeowners start their day off at the coffee maker to enjoy a pick-me-up while they eat their breakfast. But if you’re a serious java geek, your kitchen needs to be well-stocked and built so that you can enjoy a great cup of coffee at any time! Here are some of the most essential kitchen features and appliances that every coffee lover needs to have!

The Coffee Maker(s)

Every home with a coffee drinker will tend to feature at least a basic drip coffee maker. Depending on how well they are cleaned, these machines can last for several years. For coffee fanatics, however, one drip maker is usually not enough. Increasing in popularity are the single serve coffee makers, like Keurig machines, which use pods with a premeasured amount of coffee in them. You simply pop in the pod, place your mug or thermos under the dispenser, and press the start button! Single serve machines are perfect for coffee lovers constantly on the go – they make a great cup of coffee in just a couple of minutes! An espresso machine, while not often considered a home kitchen appliance, can also become a featured part of your kitchen and there are models available to suit any budget and barista talent.

Other Coffee Accessories

What else do you need to completely outfit your home for your java habit? A collection of mugs for home and for travel is a clear choice, but there are other ways to up your coffee game. Consider purchasing a grinder and grinding your own coffee beans before making a pot. You’ll notice a vast improvement in the taste of your cup of joe every day over using a batch of pre-ground coffee. In addition, a French press maker can also be a welcome addition to your home.

Beverage Center

It’s likely that you already have a space in your kitchen dedicated to preparing coffee even if you’re unaware of it. A coffee maker serves as a great centerpiece for a full-blown beverage center. However, you can take this idea and be more purposeful with its design and implementation to create a more effective beverage center! Installing a small undercounter refrigerator can provide easy access to coffee creamers or help you make cold-brew blends. You could have areas for coffee beans, sugar, and other accessories already pre-built into your space. The beverage center is an extension of the idea that a kitchen should be divided into workspaces and this philosophy is a guiding principle in creating kitchens that are efficient and easy to work in. By giving your coffee maker and accessories their own separate home in your kitchen, you can make it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite drink at home!

Go Further with the Latest Kitchen Technology

You can also take your coffee drinking to the next level with the latest in kitchen technology. This GE French door refrigerator, for example, features a built-in Keurig brewing system on one of the doors for ultimate convenience. It even has support through the GE Kitchen App allowing you to schedule when hot water is available at the unit so you can be ready for a hot cup of joe at any time of the day!

For a more integrated look in your kitchen aesthetic, a Miele built-in coffee machine is a great choice. This machine is built into the wall and has a lot of great utility features such as automatic cleaning, easy access to the water and bean containers, touchscreen controls, and more!

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