The Pros and Cons of Stackable Washers and Dryers

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stackable washers and dryers

A stackable washer and dryer free up extra space in the laundry room.

Are you deciding on which washer and dryer to add to your home? Whether you are just moving into a new home or replacing the existing units in an old home, you have two options: side by side or stacked. Appliance Distributor Unlimited offers several washers and dryers that can be either side by side or stacked. The choice is up to you. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a handy list of pros and cons!

Stackable Washers and Dryers: The Pros

If you have limited space in your laundry room, then stackable washers and dryers can save you floor space by taking up vertical space instead. Stackable washers and dryers easily fit in a small room or even a hallway closet! If bending over gives you back pain, then having a dryer over the washer can reduce the amount you have to bend.

Stackable Washers and Dryers: The Cons

Saving space is nice, but if you already have a lot of space in your laundry room, then side by side washers and dryers can give you space for folding laundry on top of one of the machines and room to install shelving above the machines. While a stacked washer and dryer does save you from having to bend over, it can be difficult or impossible for someone elderly or wheelchair-bound to lift a heavy bundle of wet clothes into the dryer.

Making Your Choice

Stackable washers and dryers can be a great choice for a young couple who has just moved into a small home or apartment. They make a great wedding gift because not only are they useful and space-saving, they can also be arranged side by side if preferred! So, if a young couple moves out of their cramped home or apartment and into a new house with a large laundry room, they can make the decision to either stack their washer and dryer or house them side by side.

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