The Trick to Making the Perfect Cocktail Ice at Home

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The right ice can help your cocktail retain its flavor longer.

A great summer cocktail needs fresh ingredients, quality liqueur, and the perfect ice cube. People often overlook the need for that last part, but your cocktail’s ice helps maintain the purity of your drink by balancing the dilution and temperature. A large, sharply faceted and impeccably clear ice cube doesn’t just look sexy, it also helps your cocktail retain its flavor for longer. Many professional bar owners avoid cloudy, misshapen ice by using specialized ice making machines, but here are a few tricks to making the perfect ice right from your home freezer or ice maker.

Killing the Cloud

The thing about ice is that its density can vary a great deal. Crystal-clear ice cubes are denser than the cloudy stuff you usually get from your freezer, and that means they’ll melt slower. Slower-melting ice won’t dilute the flavor of your cocktail nearly as much. The cloudiness in your ice comes from air pockets that develop when the ice freezes too quickly. It’s possible to avoid this cloudiness by slowing the freezing process down and directing the impurities to a single region of your ice.

The Home Cocktail Ice Method

Start by getting a hard-sided, insulated cooler that will fit into your freezer. Fill it to about ¾ full with water, as any fuller and you will risk swelling the cooler. Leave it in your freezer with the lid off, and check it in about 12-14 hours. You should be able to get the ice out just before the air pockets begin to form at the bottom. If not, scrape off any cloudy parts. Remove the cooler and let the ice melt a little, between 5 to 30 minutes, so that the ice can slide out easily. Finally, place the ice on a cookie sheet and break it into cubes with a pick or cleaver. And there you have it, the perfect home cocktail ice!

Removing Impurities

The most important ingredient in ice is water. Who knew? And in order to prevent air pockets from forming in your ice you need to ensure the water you’re using is free from impurities. If you’re already going through the trouble of filtering the water you drink at home, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t do the same for your cocktail ice. You can also remove impurities by double-boiling your water before you freeze it. It won’t keep your ice from getting cloudy, but it will help achieve a fresher taste for your cocktail.

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