The Washer Dryer Combo – Saving Space in Your Laundry Room

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Whirlpool Washer Dryer Combo

Homeowners with smaller homes and those owning a condominium know how important it is to squeeze as much utility as you can out of the limited space you have available. Many in this position will make do without an area to do laundry as there may not be enough room for a typical washer and dryer setup. The condo owner may even find that there isn’t a venting setup available, necessary for the use of a traditional dryer. However, there is an option that you may not have considered – the washer dryer combo. Developed in Europe where smaller homes are more common, the washer dryer combo could be your ticket to a home laundry system of your own!

How Does a Washer Dryer Combo Work?

Looking at a washer dryer combo unit in person, the first question you might have is how the unit even works in the first place! While looking like a standalone washer or dryer, the units use components that utilize condensation in order to dry clothing. The washing cycle more or less follows the same processes as a regular washer to get clothes clean.

How Much Laundry Can Be Done in a Single Load?

Of course, load sizes can vary from model to model, but in general you should expect a washer dryer combo to handle around 13 to 15 pounds of laundry per load. For the sake of comparison, a large capacity washing machine (4.2 cubic feet or more) can handle around 20 pounds or more of laundry per load. So, it may not be the best option for large families, but if you live in a small home or condo, chances are that your laundry output will fit in nicely.

Are There Any Other Advantages to a Washer Dryer Combo?

Due to the way the units function, you won’t need a dedicated venting setup to be able to operate a washer dryer combo. All you need is a water hookup and a drain. This can be a huge boon as their flexibility allows the combo units to be installed just about anywhere in your home. Many homeowners will opt to have their combo unit installed in their master bathroom closet – conveniently locating their laundry center close to their bedrooms and reducing the amount of time spent walking between the two.


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