4 Tips for Throwing a Successful Dinner Party

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Preparing for an upcoming dinner party?

Throwing dinner parties is rewarding and fun, but as a host or hostess, it can also be highly stressful without the proper planning and organization. From an overly ambitious, large, or complex menu, to handling and entertaining a large number of people, to the holiday pile up of responsibilities, there’s a lot that can seem intimidating. Use these tips to be the ultimate host or hostess and make entertaining a breeze.

Keep It Simple

If you are hosting alone, you must strategically allocate your energy and resources. Either make hors d’oeuvres or make cocktails, but do not do both. Premade appetizers and making your own simple drinks can do wonders to get the party started.

Shop Strategically

While everyone loves cheese and heavy and decadent treats, appetizers that are too heavy will tire your guests or fill them up before the main event even comes to pass. Appetizers should provide a dinner party tease that whets the appetites of your guests. Stick to nuts, shrimp cocktail, vegetable plates, and cured meat plates for a tantalizing tastes that helps butter up your guests for the main event.

Great Guests Make For Great Parties

For dinner parties, you can help create an intimate and lively atmosphere by strategically picking guests. While inviting a complete guest list of strangers is compelling, it means you have to do a lot of heavy lifting as the host or hostess to get the conversation going. Particularly for smaller dinner parties, pick an anchor guest who is particularly funny or charming, and then build the rest of the guest list around them to ensure a lively evening.  

Do Not Do Everything At Once

A good host or hostess can multitask, but trying to do too much at once is a recipe for disaster. If you are busy cooking and cleaning you won’t be able to devote much time to properly entertaining your guests. Limit yourself to only one dish that requires last minute preparation for best results.

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