Tips for Baking with an Electric Oven

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Baking in the middle of the oven will help you achieve a more even distribution of heat.

Electric ovens are awesome for baking. The electric coil heats up and cools down slowly, providing steadier heat and fewer spikes in temperature. That makes it easier to get those lovely golden-brown tops on your Saturday morning muffins. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your electric oven.

Preheat Longer

Unlike gas heat, electric ovens aren’t an automatic “on” or “off” device. They will require a little time to fully warm up and start pumping out heat. That means it’s a good idea to preheat for longer than you (or your oven) think you should. A few extra minutes will help ensure that your oven has completely heated. You can also buy an oven thermometer for a better reading.

Use Foil to Avoid Over-Browning

It’s easy to get a golden brown top on your pies and pastries with an electric oven. So easy, in fact, that over-browning can become a problem. Tenting some foil over the top or around the edges of a pan where the crust is already browning will help avoid this problem. The foil will allow for air and heat circulation, but protect the top from the intense heat that could cause burning.

Bake in the Middle of the Oven

Baking in the middle of the oven will typically give you the best results. That way your food will receive the best heating from both the top and bottom. This will help your food to cook at a steadier rate. The middle of the oven is also less prone to hot spots. Another good idea is to rotate your trays halfway through the baking process to help guarantee even heat.

Use the Right Bakeware

You can use your cookware to your advantage to achieve better results in an electric oven. Metal bakeware is better for browning sides and bottoms, while glass, ceramic, or silicone bakeware is better if you want to decrease browning. For example, glass would be a better choice for baking light-colored cakes or cupcakes. Non-metal bakeware conducts heat less, reducing the amount of browning in foods.

Add Steam When Necessary

If you’re baking bread, the dry environment of an electric oven can be a problem. Adding a little steam will help loaves rise. Just pour a cup of hot water into an empty pan on the bottom of the oven. Alternatively, open the oven door only slightly and use a spray bottle to spritz some moisture into the air. It’s best to add steam at the start of cooking.

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