Tips for Making a Memorable Dinner for Two on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day dinner

A few simple changes in your dinner routine add up to a memorable Valentine’s Day!

Do you want to prepare a Valentine’s Day dinner that really stands out this year? A romantic dinner for two is always a great idea on Valentine’s Day, and you may be wondering what you could do to add a little more excitement and interest to this classic date idea. There are plenty of fun ways to shake up your Valentine’s Day dinner this year! Read on for a few tips.

Plan an Interactive Menu

Coffee-crusted steak and a glass of red wine or a cocktail looks nice on the table and is surprisingly easy to cook in the oven. However, once you sit down to eat, you’ll both be confined to your respective plates. Pretty soon, you’re talking about your day, the kids, your to-do-lists–all things that are pretty boring and definitely not romantic.

Shake things up by planning a menu of interactive foods! These are foods that you both get to interact with at the table. Think fondue where you both share a bowl of melted cheese (or chocolate!), or fajitas, where you’re both choosing which ingredients to put in your own tortillas, or even crackers with a variety of toppings, where you’ll both be spreading, slicing, and dipping. The more you get to interact with the food, the more you’ll also get to interact with each other.

Ditch the 3-Course Meal

A grandiose 3-course meal is what everyone expects on Valentine’s Day. Throw all expectations out the door with a fun menu that consists entirely of a series of nibbles, bites, and appetizers! Filling up on small dishes gives you a greater variation of things to eat and try. Having a meal of finger foods is also a fun way to create a casual and intimate atmosphere. You may find yourself touching hands as you both reach for the same food or letting your partner try a bite of a cracker you layered with the perfect combination of toppings. A charming meal of nibbles won’t soon be forgotten!

Try Something New

A great way to spice things up is to try cooking something new! You’ll get to enjoy making something you’ve never made before, and maybe even cooking in a style you’ve never tried before! You and your partner can then go on a flavor adventure together as you both try the new dish. However, you may want to have a backup prepared just in case neither of you like the new cuisine!

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