Top 5 Most Desired New Kitchen Appliances and Features for Eastern Shore Homeowners in 2020

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New Kitchen Appliances and Other Features

Designing a kitchen from scratch requires contractors to ask their clients many questions regarding the look and feel that they are looking to achieve in their new space. Another great piece of information is the motivations behind a new kitchen design in the first place. For some homeowners, the desire to outfit their kitchen with the latest and greatest in new kitchen appliances is a major motivator driving them to seek out a brand new design for their space. Which kitchen appliances and other features are homeowners mainly looking to replace this year? We have some new data that gives us this information – knowing it as a contractor can help you plan your sales pitches and create beautiful kitchen designs for the homeowners you serve!

1. Refrigerator

According to data from Whirlpool, 22% of homeowners want to purchase a new refrigerator in the next year. It’s easy to see why – the variety of finishes and colors available allow for a unit that can fit into nearly any kitchen aesthetic a homeowner has in mind. In addition, refrigerators can make use of a lot of the new technology currently revolutionizing our relationship to our kitchen appliances. With smart features and more available, the refrigerator is a prime candidate as an appliance where homeowners can flex the latest tech in their kitchen design.

2. Lighting

Another area where technological innovation is shining (no pun intended) is lighting fixtures. Smart lighting controllable by smart phone is making its way into many rooms of the house, but it can be argued that it can be most influential in the kitchen. Visibility in a kitchen is of paramount importance in contributing to both the beauty and the practicality of the design. Whether the focus is on aesthetic lighting or work lights under specific work zones, new lighting fixtures can do a lot to freshen up the feel of the space.

3. Countertop

Countertops are also very influential in the look, feel, and practicality of a kitchen design. According to Whirlpool’s study, 16% of homeowners plan to purchase new countertops this year. In terms of which materials are popular, quartz continues to rise in popularity, but granite and natural stone are still the favorites among homeowners. Maintenance needs, stain resistance, and the durability of the materials should be the most important points to discuss.

4. Dishwasher

Dishwashers are critical parts of the ideal kitchen workflow. 15% of homeowners plan on getting a new one this year, but an important insight is where these units are being placed – more than half are being placed within a kitchen island, according to statistics gathered by Houzz. This helps save space in the main work areas and should be seriously considered during the design phase.

5. Faucet

Hands-free faucets are becoming all the rage among homeowners looking to remodel a kitchen and it’s only getting more popular over time. With 58% of homeowners looking to get a hands-free faucet, you should expect to have some options available for presentation to your potential customers! The most important thing is going to be the material of the faucet fixture and how well it ends up pairing with the new kitchen sink. Black and brushed gold are trending upwards as of now, but you can also go with a more traditional polished nickel or brass if the design needs warrant it.


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