Types of Appliance Installation

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type of appliance installation

This refrigerator slightly protrudes from the wall, which means that it is a sitting proud installation.

Did you know you have several different options for how your kitchen appliances can be installed? The way you choose to have your appliances installed can add to the overall style and appearance of your kitchen. Here are a few of the installation styles you have to choose from. If one type of appliance installation strikes your fancy, be sure to talk to one of our qualified appliance associates about it!

Sitting Proud

Sitting proud is a type of appliance installation where the front of the appliance extends out past the front of your cabinets. Many refrigerators and dishwashers are installed sitting proud. This is a good way to make appliances stand out as well as make handles and doors easier to access.


This type of appliance installation involves installing your kitchen appliance so that the front is exactly in line with the front of your kitchen cabinets. This style of installation is great for appliances like the sub-zero built-in refrigerator and wall ovens and microwaves. You can choose a standard flush installation, which is simply installing the appliance, or a panel integrated flush installation, which is installing the appliance with room for panels that make the appliance blend into the cabinetry so that the front of your panelled appliance will be flush with the rest of the cabinetry.

Stand Alone

Stand alone installation is when an appliance is freestanding. This type of installation is great for dishwashers, washers, and dryers. There are two types of stand alone installations: standard depth and counter depth. The type of stand alone installation depends on the type of appliance you purchase. Standard appliances will be a few inches larger than the counter depth, making them sit proud, while some customized appliances will be made to match the counter depth, making them flush.

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