Ways to Create a Modern Kitchen that Homeowners Will Love

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Homeowners have a lot of ideas when it comes to what their dream kitchen looks like. As a home builder or designer, it’s your job to turn those dreams into a beautiful, functional reality. While some prefer a rustic aesthetic, many are turning to a more modern look for their kitchen, which emphasizes clean lines, open spaces, and a minimalist touch. However, if you follow design guidelines too closely, it can be very challenging to create a modern kitchen that has charm or character. By thinking outside the box, you can create a modern kitchen that your clients will fall in love with. Here are some ideas to implement.

Add Dimension to Open Space

The modern kitchen is defined by open space and simplicity, perfect for no-frills homeowners who still want to make a statement in their home design. You’ll want to take this idea into the design and building process of the space. Without adding a sense of dimension, however, you could run the risk of creating a somewhat boring aesthetic. Use light wooden accessories such as counter stools to add depth. For homeowners that would like a kitchen without traditional cabinets, use light woods to create open shelving for a nice contrast to the whites that a modern kitchen is known for.

Using Color Contrasts Effectively

On that note, since modern kitchens are known for whites and light hues, you’re going to have to think carefully about the way you mix color in the kitchen design. Some of the colors you can use in a modern kitchen design include grays, blues, and even black. While gray is thought of as a boring, “blah” color, a great designer can implement it effectively to create a soothing feeling for homeowners and their guests. In addition, using too many black tones can create a look that’s too sleek, so limit your usage of this hue and pair it with wood materials to make it feel more homey.

Mixing Kitchen Styles

Many homeowners are opting out of the “rustic vs. modern” kitchen design debate and are looking to mix the two together to create a totally unique look. For example, you can use the clean lines and light tones of the modern kitchen and combine it with a rustic, raw wood kitchen island. Or you can install dark wooden cabinetry and drawers that have no visible hardware to bring out the best of both rustic and modern designs. The possibilities are endless!

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