Ways to Promote Energy Efficiency in Your Kitchen

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Why is energy efficient kitchen design such a hot topic among homeowners and designers these days? For some, it’s as simple as helping to do their part to save the environment. Others want to save some money on their bills every month. Regardless of your rationale, your kitchen is a prime area where you can cut back on your energy usage. There are many new kitchen appliances on the market designed to consume less energy – if your current appliances aren’t fit for your needs, you can take a big step towards energy efficiency by replacing them. There are also some other ways you can promote energy efficiency in your kitchen even if you have the best appliances available!

Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The kitchen tends to be the center of attention in daily family life as well as during special gatherings. Because of this, your kitchen lights will usually be on much more often than other lights in your house. Switching to energy efficient light bulbs is a great way to cut back on your home’s overall energy usage – and this technology has evolved to such a degree that you can use them in just about any lighting fixture in your kitchen, from cabinet mounted bulbs to recessed light fixtures!

Use Convection and Keep the Oven Door Closed

Your oven also consumes a lot of energy, but there are ways to cut back and promote energy efficiency in your daily baking life as well. Cooking with convection helps reduce the amount of bake time if what you are cooking bakes for an hour or more. In addition, you cook everything on convection 25 degrees lower. In addition, keeping your oven door closed during the entire baking process also saves energy. Every time you open the door, heat escapes and your oven has to work to bring the temperature back up to your desired setting.

Use the Right-Sized Burner on Your Cooktop/Rangetop

When cooking on the cooktop or rangetop, some homeowners simply choose the burner that is closest to them at the time. But if you choose a burner that’s bigger than the pan or pot you are using, you end up producing more heat than is necessary and waste energy. Take the time to choose the proper burner for your cookware. You can also purchase a cooktop with a triple element burner that lets you select a size for the pot you are using.

Unplug When Not in Use

From coffee makers to toasters, nearly everyone has a minor kitchen appliance that they don’t use all the time. When not actively using these, you should unplug them to conserve energy.

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