What are the best kitchen appliances for big families?

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Kitchen appliances for big families.

Here are some of the best kitchen appliances for big families.

Do you feel like you are part of the ‘Brady Bunch’ every time you step into your overcrowded home and brace yourself to make dinner for your big family?  Moms and dads who are heads of big families often feel like there’s never enough space in the home, but specifically the kitchen. Every inch of kitchen space matters and well working form and function are top priorities for big families. As your family continues to expand, heavy use of your kitchen will follow and you will want the best kitchen appliances to effectively meet the demands of your ever-growing family. What are the best kitchen appliances for big families? Fortunately, big families have options when it comes to finding the right kitchen appliances and sizes for feeding and cleaning up after their big families. To help your heavy use of the kitchen become a more joyful experience and not a stressful one, we recommend five kitchen appliances known for helping big families make meal times and gatherings in the kitchen much easier:

  1. Invest in a second dishwasher or buy an over-sized dishwasher. Big families need to have a reliable dishwasher ( or two) because the average dishwasher only has the capacity to wash six place settings. Dishwashers are available in 24 inch or 18 inch wide, another option to think about is a compact single draw dishwasher to use for big holiday dinners and special occasions. This will give you not only plenty of room to clean after your big family,but also to entertain guests as wide dishwashers can wash up to 14 place settings in one wash. If you feel a wide dishwasher is not the most energy-efficient option for your family, you can always buy a compact dishwasher to use as a second dishwasher as well as big holiday dinners and special occasions.
  2. Buy a modern upright freezer as an alternative to a chest freezer. With an upright freezer you can stock up on your family’s favorite meats and vegetables when there are grocery sales, organizing family meals by the day or week so you can take it out of the freezer to make something healthy and delicious for your family no matter how stressful the day.
  3. Have dual ovens installed. These ovens are a must-have for big families because the ovens are made to help big families cook several dishes at a time. The separate settings and large drawers come in handy as family cooks find themselves often adjusting temperatures as well as cooking times for family meals. With dual ovens, you can cook 3-4 food items at a time, never missing a beat. Big families rave about dual ovens because it’s one of the essential kitchen appliances for moms and dads with big families.
  1.  Use a beverage fridge. We all know family members who get in the way of our cooking because they come in and out of the kitchen to grab orange juice, milk, soda and water. To keep them out of your way, you can stock up the beverage fridge with their favorite drinks. You can even have the beverage fridge built-in your kitchen cabinetry, easily at reach to them but far enough away from your stove, refrigerator and other kitchen essentials.
  1. Take advantage of a six-burner induction range or cooktop. Some of greatest chefs in the world use Induction cooking because this type of cooking range helps them cook fast and more evenly, which is a must for big families.

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