What You Need for the Perfect Cocktail Party

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cocktail party

The perfect cocktail party requires the perfect cocktail supplies.

If you have a passion for hosting a good cocktail party, then why not invest in that passion with top-notch kitchen equipment? Putting a lot of time and effort into our hobbies can contribute to a happier and more fulfilled life. If you love to expertly craft cocktails like Brian Flanagan in the movie Cocktail, then it’s worth investing in some next-level cocktail-making gear.

Ice Maker

The first step to setting up a mixologist’s kitchen is to make sure you are fully supplied with an abundance of crystal clear, perfectly-shaped ice cubes. Running out of ice is a huge mistake when you are throwing a cocktail party. Sometimes, the ice maker in the fridge just can’t handle the demand if you are throwing a large summer BBQ or hosting a large event like a charity auction or a family reunion. An ice maker ensures that you have plenty of ice to go around.

Wine Storage Unit

For the wine enthusiast, a wine storage unit is essential. If collecting vintage wines is your hobby, then it’s important to keep them stored properly for longevity. Corked wine should be stored on its side so that the cork will never dry out; a dry cork can let air into the bottle, compromising the quality of the wine. UV-tinted glass prevents light exposure, and temperature zones keep wines at a preferred temperature for drinking.

Beverage Center

An outdoor beverage center is a great appliance to have as part of an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor beverage center is basically a luxury miniature refrigerator. It can hold beverages just like a regular refrigerator, but it is also equipped with wine storage, UV-resistant glass, and temperature control. The glass door combined with bright interior lighting makes it easy to quickly grab what you need out of the fridge day or night.

Built-In Tap

If you really want to impress with your outdoor kitchen, or if you want to add a little something extra to your den or home bar, you can install a beer tap to easily dispense the beer of your choice. Dynamic Cooling Technology cools beer rapidly to a deliciously frosty temperature, while a tank storage area, drain basin, and Close Door Assist System makes refilling and using your beer tap super simple.

Cocktail Station

Finally, if you want to go all-out, consider investing in a cocktail station. With a built-in sink, water filtration system, ice maker, and bottle boots for chilling juices, wines, and mixes, this is basically like having your very own personal bar. Imagine, relaxing by the pool on a hot summer’s day and being able to whip up drink requests for your friends quickly and easily!

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