What Your Favorite Kitchen Appliance Finish Says About You

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Favorite Appliance Finish

In just about all things, people tend to have a favorite – a favorite food, favorite TV show, favorite musical genre, etc. The same is true when shopping for new kitchen appliances! At ADU, we see many of our customers come in with an idea of what their favorite kitchen appliance looks like. Sometimes this will depend on the kinds of features available, but more often than not these homeowners are searching for a particular finish to round out their perfect kitchen design. And your favorite kitchen appliance finish might say more about you than you might think!

Stainless Steel – “I Like Taking It Easy!”

Given that stainless steel appliances go well with just about any aesthetic, they’re perfect for homeowners that don’t stress too much about the finer details of their kitchen design. Most of these appliances are now resistant to fingerprints as well, meaning you can kick back on the weekends and not have to intensively clean your surfaces every week!

Black/Black Stainless Steel – “I Stand Out from the Crowd!”

Black-hued appliances have the potential to create a bold focal point in your kitchen and contrast well with all other colors, especially white. It makes this appliance finish perfect for people who fancy themselves innovators, or those who want to make a statement in their kitchen design. More than anything, it’s for people who love being different and standing out from the crowd!

Slate – “I Love the Comfort of Home!”

Appliances with a slate finish have a warm feeling that blends very well with wooden cabinets and accents, making them perfect for homes with a rustic, old-world aesthetic. If you enjoy all of the creature comforts of home and making your space as warm and inviting as possible, slate is definitely going to be your favorite kitchen appliance finish!

White – “I Prefer a Clean, Classic Look”

The white T-shirt, the black suit and dress pants, the white kitchen appliance – some things never seem to go out of style. White appliances may have ceded some popularity to stainless steel and other finishes, but there’s no denying that white is a classic and can make your kitchen radiant. And if you are working with a smaller kitchen space, white appliances can create the illusion of the area being larger than it really is.


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