Which Type of Washer/Dryer Combo is Best for Your Needs?

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Some people love it while others hate it – regardless of your own opinion, doing laundry is a part of life for everyone. In fact, the average family requires around 400 loads of laundry every year! So having a great, reliable washer/dryer setup in your laundry room is essential for making your workload more bearable. The washer/dryer combo unit has steadily been growing in popularity over the years as homeowners look to save space in their homes and manufacturers implement special features into the units. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the two different types of combo units and how they can best fit your needs.

Vented and Ventless Washer/Dryer Combos

The washer/dryer combo has two variations: vented and ventless. A vented washer/dryer unit basically works just like a regular front-loading washer and regular dryer. A washing cycle involves tumbling the clothing with water and soap then spinning to remove excess water. The drying cycle takes in air from the laundry room, heats it in the system, and spins it with the clothing. The excess steam from this process is expelled from a vent that leads outdoors.

In a ventless setup, however, the main difference is that it doesn’t require external air for the drying cycle. The unit features a cooled condensing chamber, which takes in moisture from the wet air when drying wet clothes and converts it back into water for disposal through a drainage tube.

Considerations to Make When Shopping for a Washer/Dryer Combo

The washer/dryer combo is a stellar choice for households with space limitations given its size – they tend to be about the same size as a standard dishwasher. Plus, the ventless units have even more flexibility in positioning owing to the way it operates. Also, all-in-one units can feature settings such as washing and drying in the same operational cycle, eliminating the need to worry about switching over your laundry. Finally, all-in-one units tend to be very efficient, using less energy and less water in one cycle than a typical washer and dryer.

The disadvantages of the washer/dryer combo unit should be considered as well. The biggest drawback is the reduced laundry load size that they can take. For families with children, their small load capacities might necessitate more cycles to get all clothes clean. In addition, the cycle times can be longer than stand-alone units, ranging anywhere from 2-3 hours. For small households or individuals constantly on the go, however, a washer/dryer combo unit may be the perfect solution to easily keep your clothes fresh and clean without taking up valuable space!

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