Why Purchase a Sub-Zero Refrigerator for your Maryland Home?

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Sub Zero Refrigerator

A Sub Zero Refrigerator adds style and class to your home.

Sub-Zero refrigerators are known everywhere for their quality and style. But they do come with a hefty price tag. However, there are many unquantifiable reasons to own a Sub Zero refrigerator. It’s worth looking at all the options to decide if a Sub-Zero Refrigerator is right for you. If you want a beautiful kitchen that will be impressive for guests and relaxing for you, a name brand refrigerator is the way to go. Here are three reasons to consider adding a Sub-Zero Refrigerator to your Maryland home.

Sub-Zero Has Style

The 80-inch built-in frame of a Sub-Zero refrigerator is instantly recognizable and attention-grabbing. A Sub-Zero refrigerator stands about a foot taller than most standard fridges. This makes for a stylish, classy addition to your kitchen. The refrigerator is one of the main features of any kitchen. Sub Zero is a pioneer in built-in refrigeration, so your refrigerator will blend in seamlessly with your kitchen space. Sub Zero refrigerators are also easy to panel in a style that matches your kitchen. A built-in refrigerator with matching paneling exudes a luxurious grace and style. Rather than having a utilitarian, freestanding, humming metal box in your kitchen, instead enjoy a high quality refrigerator than blends in seamlessly with the cabinetry.

Legendary Durability and Function

Unless you buy fresh food every day, your refrigerator is likely one of the most important aspects of your kitchen. Refrigerators are a necessary part of our lives; think of all the hassle and frustration that comes from a cheap refrigerator breaking down and spoiling all the food. When you own a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you don’t need to worry. Sub-Zero refrigerators last 19 to 20 years. Compare that to the 8 to 10 years of a standard refrigerator. You’ll still have your Sub-Zero refrigerator during the same amount of time that you would have to buy two standard refrigerators. Sub-Zero refrigerators also have a patented air filtration system, which removes the ethylene gas that is emitted by several fruits, thus keeping your food from spoilage. The doors also seal tighter than the average refrigerator, which conserves energy and keeps food fresh. These features, plus many others, make the Sub Zero fridge the logical addition to any luxury kitchen.

Nobody Matches the Reputation of Sub-Zero

While there may be brands that are similar to Sub-Zero, none of them have the reputation of a Sub-Zero refrigerator. If you ever decide to put your home on the market, having a Sub-Zero refrigerator in your kitchen will make miles of difference. Luxury home buyers intentionally look for the best name brands when buying a home. Even if your buyers aren’t looking for name brands, the style and class of a Sub-Zero refrigerator is bound to catch their attention. A Sub-Zero refrigerator is a desirable appliance in any high-end kitchen.

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