Why You Need a Makeup Air System

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makeup air system

A makeup air system will help to control drafts and air pressure in your home.

Most homes have several exhaust appliances. This can be your dryer, your bathroom fan, your woodstove, or your power-vented water heater. But the most powerful exhaust appliance of all is the range hood. With any range hood capable of exhausting over 400 CFM, a air replenishment system must be put in place. Every time your powerful range hood sucks dirty air out of your home, new air has to enter your home to replace it. This fresh air, or “makeup air”, can often be pulled into your home in less-than-preferable ways. It is usually pulled in through cracks around windows and doors, but since homes have gotten greener and more energy proficient it is harder for make up air to naturally make its way into the house. Tighter and ventilation has gotten stronger, now this makeup air is often pulled backwards through water heater flues or chimneys. This process is called backdrafting, and it can create some problems for your home. Some flue gases contain carbon monoxide, which can be deadly when pulled back into your home.

How Does a Makeup Air System Help?

Just as it is necessary for kitchen ventilation to remove hot, greasy air from the kitchen, so it is also necessary for makeup air to circulate fresh air back into the kitchen safely. A makeup air system pushes fresh air back into the home so that it doesn’t have to come from unsafe places like the chimney or water heater flue. This decreases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning while also protecting the longevity and stability of your home. Makeup air systems can also eliminate cross-drafts that come from windows and doors and can interfere with the functioning of your range hood ventilation. A makeup air system can also release differential air pressure on doors. Differential pressure is caused when there is too much air being removed from the home and not enough air being replaced. The differential pressure created in the home makes it difficult to open and close doors. A makeup air system replaces the pressure equilibrium in the home.

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